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As a HOA board member you have been entrusted with substantial responsibility for the stewardship of your community. We believe you should choose a property manager who understands just how important it is to execute to that level of trust and responsibility.

Big is good, there are many good property managers to choose from. However, big necessarily means that you likely aren’t dealing with the principals and key stakeholders of the firm. Your bookkeeper managing your $1M of escrow funds probably hasn’t met you in person. At Algonquin, you will know and have access to everyone, and they will have a vested interest in your success. At the same time, since Algonquin HOA is part of a larger real estate investing company, our staff has the infrastructure and resources to handle HOAs of any size.

As a board, half your job is to foster a sense of community, that is the fun part. The other half of the job is to enforce rules, regulations, and financial commitments on your friends and neighbors for the collective community welfare (property values). This is hard to do well. Your third party property manager must be able to handle these duties with tact, professionalism, and empathy. Algonquin excels in this area. You are welcome to speak live to our references to assess our quality of service for yourself – you can never find this out from some quotes at the bottom of a web page.

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