About Us

Algonquin Properties was founded in Allen, Texas in 2003. Our founding members began by buying, renting, refurbishing, and selling properties for their own account. After building a reliable network of trade partners, Algonquin began property management and real estate services for clients in 2007.
Our experience in real estate, HOA management, and property management means that we understand every aspect of home ownership from purchase to renovations to sale. This enables us to have deeper, more personalized client relationships.

What’s in the name?
Algonquin Properties is named for the Algonquin Peak in the Adirondacks of Northern New York, where our founder grew up. It’s hard to spell, but an excellent reminder of home.

Our Philosophy

We believe that an HOA must provide balance for a community. HOA’s should work to preserve property values, as well as foster a sense of community. At the same time, they must respect owner’s right to “quiet enjoyment” of the properties without undue interference.  Algonquin can assist your HOA board in defining and executing the best vision for your neighborhood.
  • Responsive Communication

  • Dedication to Your Community’s Success

  • Operational Transparency

  • Personalized Services

  • Expert Advice

  • Professional, yet Friendly Service

Our Leadership Team

Jim Hallas

  • Owner
  • Texas Broker License #599808
  • Master of Science, Business Management, Clarkson University
  • Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Clarkson University
  • Certificate of Marketing, Cal-Tech

With more than ten years of independent operating experience in real estate, Jim is well versed in HOA management, property management, brokerage, and customer service. His real estate is backed by 19 years of upper-level business management at Texas Instruments, IBM, and similar corporations.

Dave Urbanski

  • Repair & Maintenance Manager
  • Bachelors in Information Technology

Having worked with customers ranging from single families to Fortune 100 companies in both the US and Canada, Dave has hands on experience on every scale that Algonquin might require. His award-winning 35 years in plumbing, electric and general maintenance work have served him well with Algonquin since its founding.

Partner Attorneys

Mike Wagner

  • Attorney at Law
  • Juris Doctor, SMU Law School

Has specialized in small business law for more than 25 years and has helped to closely advise Algonquin Properties, LLC and it’s clients.

Manning & Meyers

  • Law firm

Specializing in the representation of Condominium and Homeowner’s association, Manning & Meyers are well-versed in HOA services, resale certificates, bylaws, and covenants as well as handling delinquency and collections.